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About RC Enterprises

Who is RC Enterprises? The creator of RC Enterprise is Robert Crespo, a Brooklyn native. Robert Crespo had a love of gardening and all things green despite growing up in one of the most crowded cites in the U.S. Robert's hobbies growing up were drawing, painting, growing carnivorous plants, Orchids, African violets and taking care of his pet lizards. As an adult Mr. Crespo held a variety of jobs to pay the bills.

After completing his Associates Degree in Art and Illustration from Kingsborough Community College in the year 2000, Robert obtained work as a desktop publisher at a small trade journal in New York City. Thankfully, within a few short months, Mr. Crespo got fired from that boring job only to be hired by a friend who started a dot com company. Mr. Crespo was hired as a web designer even though he had no previous experience in that field. You can say he "learned his chops" while on the job. Everything was going great unit the dot com crash rained down on his parade. One week before 9/11/01 Robert was let go so the company he worked for could stay afloat financially. The ecomony was pretty bad in the immediate aftermath of the dot com crash and was made worse by the horric events of 9/11/01. Robert could only find temporary web design and development work for a while. Tired of short term contracts and eager to stop working for what Robert called "jerks", RC Enterprises was born on 2003.

Robert built his business on two concepts, his interests and hobbies as a young man and his self-taught web design and development skills. The combination of these two skill sets has proven beneficial to his customers who frequently call him regarding questions on diverse subjects. RC Enterprises is always on the look out for new ways to reach out to our core customer base, the plant and animal lovers of the world. You the reader can do your part by spreading the word and sharing this website with your friends and family. Who know? You might turn on someone to the joys of Carnivorous plants or the facinating world of reptiles.

By the RC Enterprises owner himself, Robert Crespo.



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