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RC Enterprises family of Websites

Below is a sampling of some of our best websites. We cater to a diverse audience that loves gardening and living things.

Venus flytraps & carnivorous plants happen to be the most fascinating plants on planet earth. RC Enterprises has been a part of distributing these amazing plants direct to the consumer. Purchase Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, tropical Nepenthes and many other carnivorous plants.

Exotic and alternative pets is what is all about. Whether your looking for a tiny leaf Chameleon or a large Anaconda, we have it. All reptiles and amphibians are shipped overnight direct to the customer.

Indoor gardening is a snap with the many different plant light carts you can purchase of The plant light carts range from the small Intelligent Plant Light designed for asingel plant to the jumbo Flora carts that can accomodate many dozens of plants.

The beauty of the internet is that we can focus on websites that cater to very narrow gardening niche. This is certainly the case of our website dedicated exclusivkey to African violets. Choose from miniature to jumbo sized African violets, this site has it all.


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